Blogs, Twitter, Wikis and other Web-based Tools: Collaborating and Building your Online Presence

by Debbie

Course leaders: Jenny Evans and Ruth Harrison, College Library

Suitable for: PhD Students / MSc Students

Course Description:
This course gives participants the opportunity to consider the implications of using web 2.0 tools and technologies (also known as social media, social software, new or emerging technologies) on their online (and consequently research) identity as well potential legal and ethical impacts. Students will set up their own blog to use for the duration of the programme and be expected to post a minimum of 6 blog posts to critically evaluate the three compulsory elements and the three chosen optional elements.
Participants will register for the entire programme which runs over 6 weeks and will include:

  • Compulsory practical workshop: Friday 27 May 10.00-12.00 (Central Library, SK) (2 hours)
  • Optional content: Three out of seven optional modules to be completed online between Friday 27 May and Friday 1 July 2011. Each of these modules are expected to take between 30 – 60 minutes to complete. There will be an optional social reference management tools workshop (date to be confirmed) that participants can choose to attend.

In addition to the workshops, it is expected that a minimum of 1.5 hours independent work will be needed to complete the programme.

If you cannot attend the compulsory workshop but still wish to participate in this course, please contact as a repeat session may be run if there is enough interest.

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