Library services for alumni

by Debbie

For those of you who are leaving College soon, you may be interested to know that you can still use the library as alumni. You can visit the library at any time for reference only, but if you register with the Alumni office as an Interactive Alumni (which is free) you can borrow books as well.

Once your College username expires you won’t be able to access our online resources anymore. However, if you visit the library you can apply for a temporary 24 hour login which gives you access to the majority of our online material from our PCs. Please note that due to license restrictions the research you’re conducting must be for non-commercial purposes.
For more information on our alumni services please check the website:

You can now also get a free alumni account with RefWorks. It’s a good idea to backup your RefWorks library now as you can always transfer your references to a new RefWorks account, or other reference management software at a later time. Backing up is easy to do – check the Refworks help pages for more information. If you’d like to set up an alumni account please contact Katharine and she can send you the instructions and passwords you need.

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