ScienceDirect saved searches and alerts

by Debbie

From Friday 16th January 2009 you will no longer need to use your Athens login to access ScienceDirect as the Library’s login system to ScienceDirect is changing. You use the new system in much the same way as you used Athens but following Friday 16th January you should select “Institutional login” and then “UK Access Management Federation”.

If you have created a personal profile to save alerts or searches at ScienceDirect, please note that when we change from Athens these alerts and searches will not be transferred to the new system.

To ensure you keep your alerts and searches, please make a note of those you want to continue before the changeover. After the changeover date, you can set up your alerts and searches again. Please contact Katharine if you need any help.

The new system will allow you to login with your College username and password as you did with the Athens system so you need make no other changes to continue to access ScienceDirect.

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