Central Library closure, 30 June – 6 July 2008

by Katharine Thompson

It seems a little strange to be posting about closing the Central Library for a week when we’ve just reminded you that 24/6 opening hours are in force again!

But close we must in order to move staff and materials back to their rightful home on level 1.

As the closure is nearly four months away we will remind you about this nearer the time and make sure you’re aware of any temporary services we put in place.

Please see our official announcement below:

The ground floor refurbishment of the Central Library will be completed by June. Once all the furniture and equipment has been installed, the helpdesk and issue desk staff will move back down to level 1.

To do this as quickly and efficiently as we can, we plan to close the Central Library to all users for the week immediately after the end of the summer term, (as we did last year at the start of the refurbishment). This has been agreed with College’s senior management and with the Student Union.

Central Library closure week:

Monday 30 June – Sunday 6 July, inclusive

The library will re-open with its new ground floor entrance on Monday 7 July 2008.

We will circulate more detailed information about the closure nearer the time, with reminders to all College departments, website and blog updates and notices on national library and academic lists.


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