New environmental technology e-journals available from the library – February 2008

by Debbie

The library has recently subscribed to the following journal titles relating to environmental technology. All are accessible via the library catalogue.

Acta ecologica sinica
Available from: Vol. 26 (2006) onwards
Access: IP controlled. Access also available via Athens.
Published by: Elsevier

Blurb about this title:

This journal publishes papers on animal ecology, plant ecology, microbial ecology, agro-ecology, forestry ecology, grassland ecology, soil ecology, ocean and aquatic ecosystems, landscape ecology, chemical ecology, contaminant ecology, urban and human ecology. We particularly welcome reviews on recent developments in ecology, novel experimental studies and short communications on innovative research, new theories, methodologies, new techniques, book reviews, and research news and laboratory introductions.

Journal of fuel chemistry and technology
Available from: Most recent two years available
Access: IP controlled. Also available via Athens
Published by: Elsevier

Blurb about this title:

The Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology publishes reports of both basic and applied research in the chemistry and chemical engineering of many energy sources, including those involved in:
1. The nature, processing and utilization of coal, petroleum, oil shale, natural gas and biomass
2. Applied catalytic research in the chemistry of synthesis of new or alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen energy, fuel cell, synfuels, biofuels and C1 chemistry
3. Related research includes pollution control and environmental protection during fuel conversion and utilization processing, such as elimination of environmentally hazardous effluents, waste (refuse)-derived fuels and waste treatments

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