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November 19, 2007

New links on!

by Debbie

We’ve added a fresh batch of links to They have been taken from the core course pages on WebCT, and can be found under the tag ‘corecourse2007/8’. If you want to look at a particular module’s links, you can use the ‘related tags’ list; clicking on the plus sign next to a tag will allow you to look at sites which have both tags. For example, if you follow the link above and click on the ‘+’ next to environmentalpolicyandmanagement, you’ll get a list like this, which will give you all this year’s Environmental Policy & Management links.

We also have a handy guide to using here: Using

We’re always happy for you to suggest links for us to add – please email me ( with any that you think would be useful.

November 19, 2007

IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

by Katharine Thompson

News of the completion of AR4 was all over the media this weekend.

The final part of AR4, the Synthesis Report, was launched in Valencia on 17 November. A summary is available on the IPCC website.

The three previous reports:
The Physical Science Basis
Impacts, Adaptation and Vunerability
Mitigation of Climate Change
can be downloaded in full from the IPCC website.

The library will be buying print copies as well, but some sections of the report are not due to be published until the New Year so it will be a while before you see them on the shelves.

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