Access to collections and services during the Central Library refurbishment

by Katharine Thompson

We anticipate that there will be reduced access to some collections during parts of the Summer.

The Haldane Collection (humanities Level 1) will be moving to level 5 in mid-June prior to the start of building works.

The journals collection will be affected whilst it is reorganised into a single alphabetic sequence in August and early September. Where possible, the library will provide a daily fetching service for journals housed on Level 4 north during this period.

On occasion we may advise users to use inter-library loans or alternate library holdings. The cost of ILL requests will be met by the library during the closure of Level 4 north in August.

Access to older material and some theses held in store may be disrupted once building work commences in July.

All Public Services will be delivered from Level 2. The Help Desk will move to share the ILL space. The Issue/membership desk will operate from the vacated Help desk area.

The Library attendants will be based close to the change machine / value loaders on Level 2.

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