Changes to searching ScienceDirect

by Katharine Thompson

ScienceDirect have announced that they will be implementing a new search engine to improve information retrieval in the database. During the implementation period e-mail alerts will not be sent, although you will receive any missed alerts the following week.

ScienceDirect released the following details:

On January 21, 2007, ScienceDirect will implement the highly acclaimed FAST Enterprise Search PlatformTM. All Search, Citation and Topic Alerts as well as Saved Searches will be suspended during the period 14 January until 21 January. All alerts during that one-week period will be delivered in the following week, so users will not miss any search results. The 30 day Archive will not be reloaded and will start from January 21, so if you want to save your archived records do so before January 14.

If you’re a regular SD user please read the Search Reference Guide for details of changes to functionality.


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